All About Hotels

In simple English, an hotel is an establishment owned by an individual, a group of individuals or a company, which provides meals, accommodation, and various other types of services such as salon, spa, gym, swimming pool, conference rooms, restaurants, and the like to tourists and travellers. Their ranking are in stars based on the amenities they provide, with one star being the lowest and five stars being the highest (there are a number of seven stars hotels too). Certain hotels also have casinos, allowing guests to enjoy gambling within the premises of the hotel.

Who stays in hotels?

Businesspersons or tourists travelling to different destinations stay in hotels. Apart from this, newly married couples also stay in hotels while enjoying their honeymoon. All cities boast of a decent number of hotels, based on the flow of traffic to that city. Located on the west coast of Aryshire, Scotland, Troon is a popular destination amongst travellers. It is a wise idea to book hotels in troon in advance, if you plan to visit there for sightseeing or plan to host a business conference, as finding accommodation in these hotels might not be possible during the holiday season as individuals and groups of people book rooms in them several weeks before their date of visit.

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Some of the popular hotels in Troon include:

- The South Beach Hotel

- Piersland House

- The Marine Hotel

- The Gailes Hotel

- Mercure Ayr Hotel

Why do people stay in hotels?

People stay in hotels as it provides them with a lodging and dining option during their stay in a city. Apart from that, people who have to stay in a particular for a couple of hours for catching a connecting flight to some other destination can refresh themselves in the hotel by taking a shower and eating food. In such a situation, it is best to book a hotel that is located close to the airport, as this helps save time commuting from and to the airport. Obviously, those who plan to take their family members for a vacation should book rooms in hotels that are in close proximity to popular tourist spots as this saves them money, which they would otherwise have to spend on transportation costs.

Where are hotels often located?

Hotels are typically located in different parts of a city, but quite a few of them, particularly the five star ones are located in the heart of the city. One can also find hotels located close to the airport and the railway station. This is ideal for tourists who have to visit the hotel for a short duration, such as attending a meeting. Visitors should always plan their trip, note down the tourist spots they want to visit, and hire a room in a hotel situated close to those spots. One should also check if the hotel is adjacent to restaurants and shopping malls, as this provides them the option of eating out, and purchasing souvenirs for their loved ones.

When do people stay in hotels?

People stay in hotels throughout the year. However, the number of such individuals increases during the holiday and festive season, and so does the occupancy percentage in hotels.